Series Time Heals ... is composed of six computer generated diptychs, made in 3D with extraordinary modeling precision, based on advanced rendering techniques. They are approaching to the cancelling of borders between real and virtual, therefore photo realism. The combination of 3D and photography is only in the 5th image (flower in the vase). Blaž Erzetič in his last cycle of computer graphics decided to analyze the decay of various materials, especially cheap ones, product of mass consumerism, a human's vertiginous technological progress. His main attention was surface modeling and shading, techniques available in nowadays' computer programs. Important role in creating realistic object imagery were author's experiments with depth of field, diffuse lighting and other optically - physical simulations. Most of attention got into display of decay and rotting materials. To achieve rich surface structures he used own photographic shots. Shown objects are not exact copies of originals, since these don't exist in the real world, but are author's fictional products, ennobled with rich symbolism, which represents aging process.

As we may notice on the first sight, chronological sequence of diptychs - brand new shiny product and his decaying image - don't match the well known saying "time heals ..." By author's personal perception the so many times used saying gets ironic modulation and becomes word play with new paradoxical meaning, which accentuates that time of existence runs out to every living being as well as to virtually eternal material products. All human's efforts of taking a role of chronocrator are just lame illusion which would chase away the anxiety when being conscious of the fact that time is the only master of life and unconditionally defines the borders of duration. Compared to human's time, limited to less than a century, is lifetime of cheap materials (plastics, metals) longer, but still limited. Their decay and putrefaction allude to rebirth into new, better, sublimate life. Even in the individual object shapes (vase, can, box), which are not chosen randomly, we can interpret deeper meanings, since they directly mark a storage of various life potions or our spiritual richness.

Blaž Erzetič's message is clear: we cannot reach eternity with extention of living. Runaway from time can be done by rich creative life in this very moment, with constructive play, that is actually never ending fight with ourselves.

Nataša Kovšca