Born August 20th 1973 in Postojna, Slovenia. Studied electronics and IT. Working with computer graphics, illustration and photography since 1988.

Since 1996 when he participated as the only Slovenian on Bit.Movie Computer Art Festival, he concentrated his work mostly onto 3D, developing knowledge in this area and computer graphics in general. In this matter Blaž Erzetič held many lectures around the Europe, as well as organizing (along with Kulturni dom Nova Gorica) Pixxelpoint - International New Media Art Festival, that soon became one of the most important in Slovenia and well known internationally.

In 2002 working in the USA as a photographer.

In beginning of 2009 he started teaching as an external lecturer at the University of Science and Technology in Ljubljana along with Helena Gabrijelcic, Ph. D. on theme Basics of 3D. At this matter both of them wrote a book 3D From Dot to Render that has been published by Pasadena Publishing. At the same university he was also teaching Interactive Media Applications.

Since 1998 working in the field of art, graphics and music.


"Blaž Erzetič's creativity is labelled by enthusiasm upon expressing possibilities that new technologies offer. Conceptual basics of his digital creations derive from his reflections of scientific progress and new-world-men's obsession with high-tech devices with no useful value (series (F)utile Machines). His recent series Human Behaviour Season 2 is talking about relationship between human and machine. By observing Blaž Erzetic's formally and conceptually excellent works, I can see exceptional sensibility of percepting distorted values of modern society and degenerated interpersonal relations."
Nataša Kovšca, art critic

"I was pleasantly surprised when seeing Blaž Erzetic's computer generated graphics, science-fiction worlds that are becoming reality. He is mainly interested into human as a part of technologic world - the one he created and the same one that is becoming a threat to him. Blaž Erzetič is expressing his fascination upon options that new technology offers. He does that sensitively with great artistic inventiveness. He is also conscious critic of new trends."
Rudi Pergar, painter

"Tir Gallery's program is oriented towards presenting interesting, penetrating and perspective young authors, which Blaž Erzetič surely is. With his exhibition entitled (F)utile Machines he positively surprised a wide range of visitors, whether those were young computer enthusiasts or experienced contemporary art lovers. With incredible precision and trickling connecting of "old" and "new", he sattisfies visualy-aesthetic needs of even very demanding modern observer. With his strong content he doesn't leave empty handed also the ones who seek a deeper (socio-critical) messages. Blaž Erzetič is the author who leaves the trace."
Vesna Pavlin, curator of Tir Gallery
List of Past Exhibitions

    Solo exhibitions
    • 1999, Solkan (Slovenia), hall of OS Solkan
    • 1999, Nova Gorica (Slovenia), City hall
    • 2003, Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Cyberia
    • 2003, Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Kulturni dom (Gothique)
    • 2006, Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Galerija Tir ((F)utile Machines)
    • 2006, Ljubljana (Slovenia), KUD France Prešeren ((F)utile Machines)
    • 2007, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Modra hisa (Time Heals...)
    • 2009, Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Galerija Tir (Time Heals...)
    • 2011, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Kino Šiška (Sub720)
    • 2011, Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Galerija Dimenzije napredka (Sub720)
    • 2012, Trbovlje (Slovenia), DDT (Sub720)
    • 2013, SeĹľana (Slovenia), Kosovelov dom (Sub720)

    Group exhibitions and festivals
    • 1996, Riccione (Italy), Bit.Movie Computer Art Festival
    • 1998, Maribor (Slovenia), 4th International Festival of Computer Arts
    • 2000, Pordenone (Italy), Millenium Bug
    • 2000, Gorizia (Italy), Video Gong 2000
    • 2002, Bologna (Italy), Yourself Autoritratto @ sesto senso
    • 2002, Sofia (Bulgaria), Computer Space 2002
    • 2002, Izola (Slovenia), 2nd Movie Festival of Slovene Animation
    • 2003, Detroit (USA), Detroid International Video Festival
    • 2003, Belgrade (Serbia), Mikrokino Fest 2003
    • 2003, Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Gongfest, Photography Ex-Tempore (diploma)
    • 2003, Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Group exhibition of Photo club Nova Gorica
    • 2004, Valencia (Spain), V.A.I.A 2004, International Show of Video Art of Alcoi
    • 2004, Izola (Slovenia), 3rd Movie Festival of Slovene Animation
      (award for the best animated musical video)
    • 2004, Dublin (Ireland), Darklight Digital Festival
    • 2004, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Animateka:Re-drawing Europe 2004
    • 2005, Sao Paulo (Brasil), Videobrasil 2005
    • 2005, Wiesbaden (Germany), 18th Exground Filmfest
    • 2005, Rosario 404 (Argentina), International Festival of Electronic Art
    • 2005, Sofia (Bulgaria), Computer Space 2005
    • 2006, Riga (Latvia), Festival Bimini
    • 2006, Beaton Rouge (USA), Red Stick International Animation Festival
    • 2006, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Odprti ROG
    • 2006, Sofia (Bulgaria), Computer Space 2006
      (3rd place in the category Computer graphics)
    • 2006, Athens (Greece), Platforma Video6
    • 2006, Gorizia (Italy), EurArt
    • 2007, Espoo (Finland), Flux@Cartes
    • 2007, Nova Gorica (Slovenja), Art for Nothing
    • 2007, Sofia (Bulgaria), Computer Space 2007
    • 2007, Las Rozas (Spain), Transfera VideoArt Festival
    • 2007, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Photo contest of Slovene Etnographic Museum - Everyday Life Images
      (2nd prize)
    • 2007, Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Pixxelpoint 2007 - International New Media Festival
    • 2008, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Festival 600
      (1st place in category Music videos)
    • 2008, Celje (Slovenia), 2nd International video festival Electric Rats Dream Video Dreams
    • 2008, Syros (Greece), Animasyros
    • 2008, Bucharest (Romania), Anim'est
    • 2008, Wiesbaden (Germany), Exground Filmfest
    • 2008, Sofia (Bulgaria), Computer Space 2008
    • 2008, Athens (Greece), Athens Digital Week
    • 2009, Osnabrueck (Germany), European Media Art Festival
    • 2009, Trzin (Slovenia), Fanima.Tu
    • 2009, Velenje (Slovenia), Tehnologije v likovni umetnosti (Technologies in Visual Art)
    • 2009, Gorica (Italy), 11th Photo Meeting
    • 2010, Gorizia (Italy), Terpictura
    • 2010, Trbovlje (Slovenia), DigitalBigScreen
    • 2010, Sofia (Bulgaria), Computer Space 2010
      (3rd place in the category Electronic music)
    • 2011, Izola (Slovenia), Kino otok
    • 2011, Banja Luka (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Kratkofil
    • 2011, Wiesbaden (Germany), Exground Filmfest
    • 2011, Asolo (Italy), Asolo International Art Festival
    • 2011, Varna (Bulgaria), Videoholica Video Art Festival
    • 2011, Toronto (Canada), Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival
    • 2011, Marseille (France), 24. Instants Video
    • 2011, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Animateka
    • 2011, Trzin (Slovenia), Festival neodvisnega filma (Independent Film Festival)
    • 2015, Bale (Croatia), Balle-Valle Armonica: sei corde su tela 2015
    • 2016, Bale (Croatia), Balle-Valle Armonica: sei corde su tela 2016